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Solar Road Stud (105)

No:RSAS-1-RS: one-way steady light

Characteristic:Better compression resistance, suit for every climate.
Description:Small and economy aluminum model. Better compression resistance. suit for every climate.
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Key Features:

Small and economy aluminum model.

Better compression resistance.

suit for every climate.

Spot lighting:

aluminium alloy+Polycarbonate+epoxy filler




IP 68


Size  105x105x25mm
Net Weight  0.40kg
Material  Aluminum alloy shell+Polycarbonate+epoxy filler
LED  φ5mm, one-way 2pcs or 3pcs, two-way 4pcs or 6pcs
Light  steady, or flash (2HZ or upon request)
Luminous intensity  5000mcd
View distance  over 1000m
Color  Red/Yellow/White/Blue/Green
Solar Panel  Monocrystalline silicon 5V 60MA
Battery  Anti-heat Li battery 3.2V 500MAH
Battery Life span  2000Cycle/365day more than 5 years
Full charge time  3 hours @100 Klux(sunny day)
Working time  72 hours after full charge
Activation  photo sensor
Starting intensity  500Lux
Compression resistance  over 10 tons
Working temperature  -20℃~+80℃
Water ingress rating  IP68
Warranty  One year

Item No.:

RSAS-2-RF Two-way flashing light  2-LED each side
RSAS-2-RS Two-way steady light  2-LED each side
RSAS-1-RF One-way flashing light 2-LED each side
RSAS-1-RS One-way steady light 2-LED each side
RSAS-2-R3F Two-way flashing light  3-LED each side
RSAS-2-R3S Two-way steady light  3-LED each side
RSAS-1-R3F One-way flashing light 3-LED each side
RSAS-1-R3S One-way steady light 3-LED each side

1. Before installation, solar road studs shall be charged under sunlight for 1 hr, to check the studs can work normally.

2. Placing security isolation facilities for installation work is most important and must not be ignored.

In the whole process of dynamic construction, no matter in an new closed road or a running road, every installers shall be in the isolation area.

If in a running road, the ratio between security personnel and the installing personnel shall be 1:1; If in a closed road, 1:3. 

3. Locate the installing position and ensure it is flat. For curving, cracked or uneven pavement, straighten it prior to installation. 

4. Clean the installation location with a brush, meanwhile ensure the location is dry. 

5. Glue the road stud thoroughly with proper amount of epoxy glue. 

6. Firmly mount the stud on the fixing location & ensure the reflective part is facing the right traffic direction. Do clean the spilled epoxy glue if excessive amount is used.

7. Inspect the installed studs within 2hrs after installation, ensuring that all the studs are fixed in correct direction or not crooked.

8. Remove the isolation facilities in 4hrs after the stud’s installing glue is thoroughly cured.

• Road Delineation

• Accident black-spots / cluster sites

• Hazardous road layouts

• Areas adversely affected by poor visibility

• Cycle path

• Car parks 

• Railway crossings outside of urban areas

• Harbour fronts and landing stages